Jonathan Kreisberg’s Gear

Kreisberg’s Gibson ES-175

Main Guitar(s):




  • Gibson strings: .012-.052
  • D’andrea Pro-Plecs (picks)

Other Guitars:


  • “One main reason I use a volume pedal is that I often try to hear my place in the band and find the sweet spot in the “mix.” By producing records, I’ve become pretty sensitive to that. Those types of sounds can be done with your hands, but the pedal gives you a way to do it without changing your attack, which can be a different sound all together. Another reason is that it can give you a bit of air, or swell. You can make the guitar sound a bit more like a violin or horn, but that’s tricky. Overall, I just feel it makes the guitar sound a bit more organic” (Matthew Warnock,”Jonathan Kreisberg: Unearthed“, All About Jazz).